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Informative Interview

Recruitment & Payroll

Do you want to save on employment cost or pay more to your employees? With our A1 recruitment you are allowed to do that and even more. Payrolling via us means that you hand over the payroll administration and the employership. The employee joins RETIVA and we take care of the employment contract, timely and correct payment of the salary, illness, dismissal procedures and all paperwork. All this without creating a distance between you and the employee!



Delivery & Housing

We make sure employees travel from home country and while working in most efficient way, we also coordinate and help our customers with accommodating of employees. We have wide connection with trip and rent agencies, own fleet and most important good knowledge. Your administration with RETIVA is in safe hands.



Search & Selection

We’ll help you find qualified specialists or any other employees in your desired industry to carry out all of your company’s needs. Simply give us a list of qualifications and skills important to you, list the hours you’ll need, and the going rate of this position’s salary and we’ll take care of the rest. We work hard so that you won’t have to.


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